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Cake Information 

Party Cake Cutting Guide

Follow the diagrams below to cut cakes (from 3 to 5 inches high), but adjust for the larger party-size slices.

For cakes shorter than 3 inches you will need to cut wider slices to serve a proper portion; even if a larger serving size is desired the order of cutting is still the same. 

The number of servings listed are intended as a guide only and offer a small portion. If portions larger than 1x 2 inches are served, then you will have fewer servings than the charts indicate.

by cutting the centre first and pushing the remaining sides of the cake together it helps to keep it fresher than leaving it exposed.

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Wedding Cake Cutting Guide

To make cutting easier, remove as many of the decorations (flowers, characters etc) as possible before cutting.  Before the next cut, wipe the knife clean with a damp paper towel.  

Our cakes are over 5 inches tall for double layer cakes and 3 to 4 inches tall for single layer cakes.










Party Cake Cutting Guide
Wedding Cake Cutting Guide
Cake Portion Guide Round 1 by 2 inch JPG
Cake Portion Guide Square 1 by 2 inch JP
Cake Portion Guide Round 1 by 1 inch JPG
Cake Portion Guide Square 1 by 1 inch JP
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