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Birthday Cakes, Celebration Cakes and more…

Every party needs a cake and Nicki Jackson Cakes can create the perfect cake for you.
We offer a wide variety of cakes for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and christenings. Celebrate your special event by ordering one of our spectacular celebration cakes.  At Nicki Jackson Cakes we offer birthday cakes, novelty cakes and christening cakes. In addition, we make stunning anniversary cakes and engagement cakes.

Whether you choose from a tiered cake design, a cake with sugar models or novelty cake, we are sure to create the perfect centrepiece for your occasion.  We can also supply matching cupcakes and other confectionery items, which are particularly popular for dessert tables.


Bespoke Service

Every cake we make is made to order and designed to suit your requirements. When enquiring about a cake, we ask you to consider the theme of the party and the personality, as much as hobbies and interests of the recipient. Additionally, it is important to consider size of the cake based on the number of portions if you are serving the cake as dessert.

Our picture gallery features some examples of our work. While our cakes and might help you with inspiration, we always prefer to make something completely bespoke. Alternatively, you may also choose to customise one of our past designs, either from our wedding cake gallery or from our dessert cakes.

What’s Inside?

Like our wedding cakes, we offer a variety of flavours and fillings, made using the finest quality ingredients in order to ensure a great tasting cake.  Probably the most popular ones for younger recipients include classic vanilla sponge and chocolate cake. Our red velvet cake, carrot and lemon cakes particularly make great desserts for adult celebrations. Additionally, let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and we will try our best to accommodate you.

For all party cakes, we can also include a personalised message.

Halo Cake
X-Box Cupcakes
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Cake (07 Oct 2021)
pink & gold drip cake
Olaf snowflake birthday
Golf Ball Cake
Space Cake & Cupcakes
Vodka Pink Drip Cake
Lion King Cake
Bat Minion
Crazy Purple Minion
Grey Marble & Rose Gold cake
80th Birthday Floral Cake
Pink & Black Checkerboard Drip (07 Aug 2021)
Lightning McQueen Cake
Fiat 500 Drip cake (09 Oct 2021)
Baby Shark & Cupcakes
Knights Templar (top view)
60th anniversary diamond cupcakes
Christening Cake jpg (02 Oct 2021)
Pink Starburst cake (17 Dec 2021)
Vodka Drip Cake absolute
Under the Sea (22 july 2021)
Choc Drip Cake
Black Velvet Purple Lotus Cake 2
Fererro Rocher Cake
100th Birthday Cake
Hey Duggee Cake
Harry Potter 2021
Chocolate Drip Cake
30th Drip Cake
Harry Potter Hagrid cake
Lemon Buttercream Cake
Fab 50 Drip Cake
Blue & Silver Starburst Cake
70th Blue floral
Choc Drip Cake
Kate Mary Poppins Cake
Mum's Moth Orchid Cake
Minecraft Bee
Forty Gold Cake & Cupcakes
Sherlock Cake 1
Frozen Cake 2019
Olaf Christmas Cake 2019
Thomas Cake
Hallowe'en cake 2019
Jurassic Park 1
Jane Donachy Disco Cake
Harry Potter Cake
Harry Potter Unicorn Cake
Nathaniel's 8th Birthday Lego Cake
Matthew's 4th Birthday Baby Shark Cake
Yellow Submarine Cake
Unicorn Cake & Cupcakes
90th Floral cake
Steampunk Cake
Bioshock Cake L
Pink Floyd Cake
40th Chocolate Drip Cake
Cherry Blossom Cake
Construction Cake
Assassin's Cake Agent 47 Cake
Assassin's Cake
Snow Fox Christmas Cake
70th Starburst Cake
Ninja Turtle Cake
Mermaid Cake
Beauty & the Beast Cake
Skye Paw Patrol Cake
Dinosaur 2nd birthday cake
Animal Bunting 3rd Birthday Cake
Football Shirt Cake
Make Up Cake
Paw Patrol & others birthday cake
Unicorn Cake
Christmas Bauble Wreath Cake
Tiger cake
16th Birthday Drip Cake
Ninja Turtle Cake
Unicorn Cake
Everton Dog Cake
Everton Dog Cake
80th Birthday Starburst Cake
Game of Thrones Name Day Cake
Harley Quinn & Joker cake
Riverdale Cake
Tinkerbell Cake
Unicorn Cake and Cupcakes
Unicorn Cake
Elephant Balloon Cake
Liverpool Dog Cake
Mini Beasts 1st Birthday Cake
18th Music Cake
Moana Cake
Led Zep Cake
Lego Marvel 5th Birthday Cake
Clapperboard Cake
Pirate 1st Birthday Cake
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